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Software development becomes more complex once you have a system in production. Whether it is for basic maintenance tasks or for iterative improvements, we have got you covered!

Take Full Control of The Scope of Your App

With a development team dedicated to your project you can take full control of the scope and implement new features or iterative improvements to the current scope. It is fully up to you. We will ensure our proven development practices and quality deliverables.

Experience Designer

A software development project needs an Experience Designer in order to deliver an aesthetically pleasing, and easy-to-use UI.

Users make or break your applications’ success. A software application needs to make the life of the user easier and help the user perform their tasks faster.

The first step in our process is to create a prototype, a visual model of the software to be built. Successively, we develop the UI of the software.

Developing the prototype and translating the coded visuals is the work of the Experience Designer. Although in some businesses these are separate roles, we have found that when the work is executed by the same person the minor meaningful details do not get lost in translation.

QA / Tester

The key responsibility of the QA is to ensure that the functionality meets expectations. We however believe that testing software is a lot harder than that and consider their performance in their ability to break the software.
A developer will test the ‘happy flow’ of the application, iteratively while developing a feature in order to get to a working result. Problems may arise when users do not follow the exact flow that was intended. This is the work of a QA / Tester: To ensure that the functionality works in all scenarios.

Software Engineer / Developer

Developing software is a craft that takes years to perfect – but with the proper training, management, patterns, and practices, developers can be very productive early on in their career.

Our developers are trained full stack; however, some developers have a knack for working in the front-end, and others prefer the back end of the system. Developers become more productive if they work in a smaller problem domain, so we ensure that your application is architected in a fashion that supports this concept.

Solution Architect

Although many applications may look and feel similar, the problem that the application solves is often different, and that means that it requires a different architecture to support the functionality of the application.
It is the Solution Architects’ responsibility to find the right architecture and the technology stack(s) to match business requirements to a functional and scalable system.

Whereas developers like to solve puzzles, the architect keeps an eye on the business requirements and the optimal technical solution to deliver the solution.

Delivery Manager

The role of the delivery manager is to ensure that the core team has a strategy set out in order to deliver features according to the set plan. It is also his role to ensure that the team has everything they need in order to get the work done. The delivery manager will be the point of contact for the client, and will handle the requirements, schedules, and targets.

On your side:

Product Owner

In classic team configurations where you have an in-house team, the product owner is usually the one that makes decisions for the direction of the product. Classically, the role is intended to translate the project vision into a roadmap and to define the features of the

Subject Matter Expert

We assume that you, as the client, are the subject matter expert. You know the problem you are trying to solve, and you know the intrinsic details on how this can be done best for your industry. We see it as our responsibility to dig deeper and ask the right questions

Additional Responsibilities

Although the core team will be formed by the QA, Experience Designer, and Software Engineers, there are many little things that need to be taken care of in the team. At SaaS VP we hand out these responsibilities to the core team and we call them ‘hats’ they wear in the team.

Quality Management

Although there are good automated tools for this, someone needs to be accountable for ensuring the quality goals for the project are met and kept on track.

Technical Management

To ensure that the team delivers results conforming to the architecture and the patterns, best practices and standards defined.

Automation Management

A lot of developer operations these days can be automated using the right tools. Not only it helps prevent human error but also contributes to quality, efficiency, and productivity.

Project Support

A communication hub for the people on the project between HR and the client. Will ensure holidays are communicated, absences, but also to facilitate hardware and/or software requests for the team.

Real Time Insight in Progress & Quality

Driving an entire team that is not working on-premise can be a daunting task. We ensure that you will be fully up to date on the progress and quality through the tools that we use. These tools will have a customized dashboard that will show both progress and quality in a single glance.

Also, the latest version of your application will always be available online, so that feedback cycles are shorter and where applicable, you can invite your users to provide feedback fast and often.

Our Approach Works on Any Platform, Unleash Your Solution's Full Potential

For a Variety of Industries,
Including but Not Limited to

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing nowadays heavily rely in automation, from data gathering to implementation. Developing your SaaS as a product or making your internal process easier, we got you!

Accounting and Finance

From financial database, invoicing, and transaction recording -a tailor fit software would be a helpful investment to reduce the risk on losing your gains and improve your control.

Supply Chain

Using technologies to drive performance gains in logistics help increases productivity, grow revenue, and increase profits. We can help you achieve those goals through your SaaS.

Data Analytics

A unified and scalable database makes a difference in providing companies with informed decisions. Develop your analytics software to maximize your data to its full potential!

Consumer Products

Non-conventional channels to offer your products produce a lot of data. Create bespoke software for your business and manage your inventory and sales depending on your need!


Modernize your recruitment process by creating software that handles your pipeline for you. Gives you more time, and more candidates to be processed at a better quality.

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Unique Pricing

For new projects we can provide you with a truly fixed price. After we have made a prototype, we can give you a fixed price for developing the application for you.
This means that we take full risk for the output, and you will not have to worry about rising development costs, as our guarantee applies.

Our Guarantee

We believe that we are the right partner for any software development project. And we are so convinced of our ability to help you that we can guarantee you our promise.

“If we do not deliver what we promise, we do the rest of the work for free. No questions asked!”

Great Development Practices

SaaS VP was born out of passion for building quality software. Sadly, there are businesses and individuals that call themselves engineers but deliver applications that do not meet minimum quality standards. At SaaS VP, we take pride in our practices and we deliver beautiful, easy to use and well architected software that is built to scale. Metrics don’t lie.

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