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A Genuine User-First Approach

All applications are built to make the life of the end-user easier. Therefore, when conceptualizing a new application, the best place to start is by creating a prototype.
A prototype is a semi-interactive model of your application that allows you and/or your users to experience the main user flows of your envisioned solution.

How does it Work?

The goal of the prototype is to get clarity of what needs to be built and to create an amazing experience for the end-user. This discussion is not about technology stacks or how we can accomplish this technique. The discussion revolves around what the user needs and how he or she can accomplish their task best.

Mood Board

The mood board is a representation of the general look and feel of the application. It will set the ‘mood’ for the rest of the prototype in terms of style, use of colors, graphics, and high-level user interaction. We will create 2 designs based on your preferences, corporate identity (if any) and During this phase, we will also make the initial steps towards documenting the scope; including the problem statement, the main user flows, the user personas and the general feature list.


Wireframing is a low-cost technique to depict user journeys and/or screens within your application. The goal here is to get an initial alignment on the usability goals and the general layout of the screens. These flows are not designed and could even be drawn out manually.

Low Fidelity Prototype

Once we have the wireframes in place, we can start designing the low-fidelity prototype. With low fidelity we mean that the major screens and pages are designed, however user-interaction is not necessarily included. The low-fidelity prototype will already give you a great feel of what the application will eventually look like.

High Fidelity Prototype

Once the low-fidelity prototype is approved, our team will start working out the more intrinsic details of the prototype. The major focus in this phase is to be able to complete the happy flows of the user journey(s) in the envisioned application.

Prototyping Benefits

Turn Months of Design and Discussions into Weeks

Designing an application can be a daunting task. Transform your specs into an interactive visual representation to get everyone on the same page fast.

Avoid Writing Tiring Specification Documents

Tightening down the requirements so that everyone understands them the same is almost as difficult as writing the application itself.

A Useful Tool to Estimate the Engineering Effort

Prototype tells you what the application does; It helps the architect think the best solution to the problem/s. A tool to estimate work that goes into developing and testing.

Validate Ideas Before Coding, & Test User Reactions

A team with a variety of skill sets would be needed to execute. Semi-interactive prototype lets you test your ideas on prospective users before you write the code.

Strip Functionality That You Don’t Need.

Prototype helps drill down to the core functionality needed to monetize your apps. Reduce development costs by focusing on the high-value features only.

Low Cost of Change

A designer may only take hours to design a page with the same basic interactions. A developer may take a week or more to do the same in actual code.

Reserve a Slot for Your Prototype

Got an MVP idea? You may now sign up and pay for your prototype by choosing your package below.
We will then be contacting you and work out your idea.

Prototype Basic

SGD 2995

  • Up to 2 Mood Boards
  • Up to 35 Pages/Screen
  • Assets/Sources are included
  • 2-3 weeks Est. timeline to Complete

Prototype Plus

SGD 5995

  • Up to 2 Mood Boards
  • Up to 100 Pages/Screen
  • Assets/Sources are included
  • 3-5 weeks Est. timeline to Complete

When to Choose Prototype Basic

Our most popular package is Prototype Basic. We would recommend this for all starting projects where there is a need to create focus and the goal is to develop an MVP. Once you go past the 35 pages, it probably means you are building a product that is bigger than an MVP should be. This helps you to create the focus to keep your MVP lean.

When to Choose Prototype Plus

You know what you want and you know that it will take more than 35 pages to complete your prototype and/or MVP. Perhaps you want to design both a mobile version and a web (desktop) version of the same product. Perhaps you need 2 different applications for 2 different user personas, for instance, a web application for the seller journey, and a mobile app for the buyer journey.

Our Work

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Our Approach Works on Any Platform, Unleash Your Solution's Full Potential

For a Variety of Industries,
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Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing nowadays heavily rely in automation, from data gathering to implementation. Developing your SaaS as a product or making your internal process easier, we got you!

Accounting and Finance

From financial database, invoicing, and transaction recording -a tailor fit software would be a helpful investment to reduce the risk on losing your gains and improve your control.

Supply Chain

Using technologies to drive performance gains in logistics help increases productivity, grow revenue, and increase profits. We can help you achieve those goals through your SaaS.

Data Analytics

A unified and scalable database makes a difference in providing companies with informed decisions. Develop your analytics software to maximize your data to its full potential!

Consumer Products

Non-conventional channels to offer your products produce a lot of data. Create bespoke software for your business and manage your inventory and sales depending on your need!


Modernize your recruitment process by creating software that handles your pipeline for you. Gives you more time, and more candidates to be processed at a better quality.

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Unique Pricing

For new projects, we can provide you with a truly fixed price. After we have made a prototype, we can give you a fixed price for developing the application for you.
This means that we take the full risk of the output, and you will not have to worry about rising development costs, as our guarantee applies.

Our Guarantee

We believe that we are the right partner for any software development project. And we are so convinced of our ability to help you that we can guarantee you our promise.

“If we do not deliver what we promise, we do the rest of the work for free. No questions asked!”

Great Development Practices

SaaS VP was born out of a passion for building quality software. Sadly, there are businesses and individuals that call themselves engineers but deliver applications that do not meet minimum quality standards. At SaaS VP, we take pride in our practices and we deliver beautiful, easy-to-use, and well architected software that is built to scale. Metrics don’t lie.

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