Increase your runway

Reduce your expenses and spend only on what you really need and actually works.

Our Unique Approach

Your runway is the lifeline of your startup. Why take on all the risk of making long-term commitments to hire full-time developer positions or give up equity to people who have very little to lose?

  • Get more value in less time with short-term commitments.
  • Use well-trained and specialized resources focused on key knowledge areas.
  • Use production quality and time-tested building blocks to deliver value quickly.
  • Inherit our processes and other IP that will help you deliver a quality product.

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    Review & Discovery

    We find out what the current state of your SaaS product is. You talk, we listen – we drill down to the core and find out what you really need and what brings the most value the quickest within budget.

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    The fastest and cheapest way to experience a vision is through the use of great prototyping tools. We have basic prototypes ready for common features that can be quickly adjusted to fit your look and feel and functional needs.

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    Using engineers specialized in the various knowledge areas, we implement your requirements using our premade building blocks – or from scratch where necessary. Pay exactly for what you're looking for and don’t spend more than what you need.

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    When our engineers are done, we are ready for delivery. We hand over the modules to you and include a training session for your engineers – where applicable.

We have created a set of building blocks for integrations that are required in basically any application. Get to market fast.

These building blocks are written in a fashion that are easy to maintain and properly unit-tested. They are portable to the Amazon and Azure cloud service providers and support a variety of deployment strategies.

This way, we can spend more time working on your core needs than integrating core features that do not necessarily wow your users.

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Subscription Billing

>The SaaS business model is effective because of your MRR, and the fact that you actually collect this. We have a customizable building block that - at the time of writing - supports two popular subscription billing services.

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We have SOPs that ensure your users have the capability to onboard themselves to your software.

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Lightweight Mobile-responsive UI

Most software systems require a user interface for users to interact with the system. We have rolled out our own flexible and fully customizable UI that is prepared to act with the other building blocks.

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Asking Gen Z to send an email is asking Gen X to use a fax. Although this technology seems on its way out, it is still heavily relied on by most of the current workforce.

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Real-time messaging

Users have high expectations from applications these days. Everything needs to work fast and near real-time.

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For multi-factor authentication, KYC or other purposes, sending text messages is still a popular way of communicating with your end-user.

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User-engagement Tracking

We have an off the shelf SPA based UI that can be customized to fit your needs. It is used to integrate all our platforms and is highly customizable through a few simple configuration options and fully integrates with our other blocks.

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Authentication Module

The laws on collecting data are getting stricter every year. As computer crime increases all around the world, security is a cross cutting concern throughout any software system.

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Template API

API's are key to get a variety of platforms to integrate with each other. This could include external systems but also your mobile and/or desktop applications.

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File Upload Module

Although uploading files does not seem like a difficult specification, there is an art to doing this in a way that is right, secure and scalable.

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VP Tools Library

Our codebase in the back-end uses a variety of patterns and practices that repeat throughout the various modules. The tools library contains tested and reusable features that are required in at least 1 or more building blocks.


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